The most charming and attractive – Russian comedy from the Perestroika times

“The Most Charming and Attractive” is a comedy directed by Gerald Bezhanov and filmed in 1985, at the dawn of Perestroika. The movie had a great success and became the leader of the 1985 Soviet film distribution. 69 countries bought the rights to show the movie for their own viewers.

The most charming and attractive – Russian comedy from the Perestroika times

The plot

Nadia Klyueva works as an engineer of the design bureau of the research institute. She is very active in public life, but has no personal one, although she is already over thirty. Her only entertainment is playing ping-pong paired with her old friend Gennady, who works as a technician in the same research institute and is in love with her.

Everything changes when Nadia accidentally meets her school friend Susanna who works as a sociologist. Susanna, after finding out that Nadia is still not married, decides to “improve her life” by teaching her “scientific” methods of seduction, taking her to an underground seller of fashionable western clothes, giving her instructions and explanations of how to behave and what to do. Nadia follows these instructions diligently, getting into awkward and somewhat funny situations with the result that is quite different from what was expected.

Watch the movie

Thanks to Mosfilm, this comedy is available to watch for free on YouTube. We have found for you a version in Russian with English subtitles:

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