The history of Russia in photographs

Are you interested in Russian history? Do you like photography? How about Russian history in photographs?

Yandex, a popular Russian search engine, browser, taxi service, and much more has created a unique project that gathers photos of Russia and Russian people from different eras into one database.

The history of Russia in photographs” is an open photo archive covering almost a century and a half of Russian history (from 1840 to 1999).

Contributions to the archive have been made and continue to be made by museums, photo libraries of various organizations, newspapers and magazines, as well as private collectors and photo owners. The collection combines both professional and amateur photos. These are portraits of people and moments of their everyday lives, images of cities and villages, wars and revolutions chronicles, rare photos of political leaders and famous personalities.

Leonid Brezhnev plays dominoes
Leonid Brezhnev plays dominoes. Source:, Vladimir Musaelian.

Photos are separated by years and thematic collections. There is a story and people’s lives behind each picture. The collection gives a unique opportunity to explore a specific era and track how daily life, technology, fashion, transport, and architecture have changed over time.

If you, by chance, have something to share with the project, you can also create an account and upload the pictures.

You can follow the updates on the site via Facebook, Instagram, or VK.

Nearby the resettlement office, 1908 - 1909
Nearby the resettlement office, 1908 - 1909. Source:
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