Top 10 loved by Russians songs from the Soviet movies

As it was already mentioned before on our pages, Russians love old Soviet movies. They also love songs from these movies and often know the lyrics by heart. These lyrics talk about love, nobility of the soul, aspirations for happiness and simple human qualities that modern culture lacks sometimes.

Top 10 loved by Russians songs from the Soviet movies

Today we decided to introduce you to the top 10 songs (according to our editorial team) loved by Russians from the Soviet movies. Some movies have more good songs than others, but we purposefully decided to take only one song per movie to give a chance to be mentioned to others.

Some of the clips (namely, produced by Mosfilm) are blocked from being displayed outside of YouTube, in case we give you the links to play the clips directly on YouTube.

Let’s begin!

10. There Is No Bad Weather (Office Romance)

У природы нет плохой погоды
Каждая погода благодать.
Дождь ли снег – любое время года
Надо благодарно принимать…

There is no bad weather in the nature.
Every weather is a perfect bliss.
Rain or snow – whatever is the stature
Take it as a “hit”, and not a “miss”.

This lyrical song from the movie “Office Romance” reminds us how important it is to count your blessings. Simple and correct.

Lyrics and translations are here. You can listen to the song here.

9. Call Me, Call (Carnival)

Если я в твоей судьбе
Ничего уже не значу,
Я забуду о тебе
Я смогу, я не заплачу,
Эту боль перетерпя
Я дышать не перестану.
Всё равно счастливой стану …
Даже если без тебя

If I don’t mean anything anymore
In your destiny,
I will forget about you,
I’ll be able, I won’t cry.
Enduring this pain
I will not stop breathing.
In any case, I’ll be happy ….
Even without you…

This melody with a strong character in the style of 80s and the “don’t give up energy” of the lyrics provoked some modern performers to add it to their repertoire and us to include it into our top-list on the 9th place.

You can sing along, here are the lyrics and translation.

8. My White Sail Is So Lonely (12 Chairs)

…О, наслажденье скользить по краю,
Замрите, ангелы, смотрите, я играю,
Моих грехов разбор оставьте до поры,
Вы оцените красоту игры…

…Oh, what a pleasure to slide along the edge,
Angels, stand still and look, I’m playing,
Put aside the analysis of my sins for now,
Instead, appreciate the beauty of my play…

This is the song of the famous rogue Ostap Bender from the movie “12 chairs” (performed by Andrei Mironov). While Ostap Bender himself is far from being an example to follow, the song deserved its place in our list thanks to its philosophical attitude to life and staunch self-confidence.

Here are the lyrics and translation.

7. Song About Bears (Caucasian Captive)

Humorous and kind song that reveals the fact that the whole world, especially people in love, apparently depend on polar bears. Lyrics and translation are here. Watch and listen to here.

6. Song About the Magic Rose (Do Not Leave Me)

…Пусть вид ее порою жалок,
Как скромной Золушки наряд,
Но ложь сворачивает жало
Ее, заслышав аромат.
В любую крепость, дом и замок
Он проникает без труда
И ощутивший этот запах
Солгать не сможет никогда…

…Maybe its look is miserable sometimes,
Like a modest Cinderella outfit,
But the lie pulls in its sting
Once have felt its scent.
It enters without difficulty
Any fortress, house and castle,
And the one who felt this scent
Will never be able to lie again…

“Do not leave me” is a fairy tale for children the plot of which can be easily extrapolated to the modern world. The film contains a few worth mentioning musical compositions, but we have chosen this one for one simple reason – how good it would be to find such a rose, don’t you think? This would solve many problems of our modern world.

You can find the lyrics and translation here.

5. I Like That You are Love Sick Not For Me (The Irony of Fate)

Classic New Year’s movie “The Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Bath!” includes many nice songs. This one, despite its title, is about nothing else but love. Based on the verses of the Russian classic of the Silver Age Marina Tsvetaeva the song conquers the listeners with a calm guitar melody and touching lyrics. Enjoy the poetry and the translation here.

You can watch the video and listen to the song on YouTube.

4. Island of Bad Luck (Diamond Arm)

“Diamond Arm” is the favorite Soviet comedy of many Russians. The humorous song “Island of bad luck” tells a story about people living on a far island and struggling with everyday tasks seemingly just out of bad luck. The song makes a joking conclusion that it’s all because the people there were born on Monday (Monday is widely accepted by Russians as the hardest day of the week). The jazzy musical arrangement and the brilliant performance of Andrei Mironov gave this song the solid 4th place in our list.

Lyrics and translation are here. Video is here.

3. As Life Without Spring (Gardes-Marines, Go Ahead!)

…Земля, где так много разлук
Сама повенчает нас вдруг.
За толь, что верны мы птицам весны,
Они и зимой нам слышны, любимая…

The world where so many are separated
Will suddenly marry two of us.
Because we are faithful to the birds of spring
We can hear them in the winter too, my love…

The saga about the adventures of sea school cadets of 18th century by the novel of Nina Sorotokina conquered the hearts of many generations of Russians. The film is rich in musical inserts, many of which are loved by viewers and deserve to get into our list. But we give a legitimate third place to the romantic song “As life without spring” for its faith in the power of love.

Lyrics and translation are here. Watch and listen here.

2. Everything Will Pass (He Is Not Going Anywhere!)

While perhaps not every Russian saw this movie, the majority of them most likely heard this song. The pleasant melody and lyrics performed by Mikhail Boyarsky – the romantic hero of Soviet television – make you think about the eternal and believe in love that lasts forever.

…Спой о том, как вдаль плывут корабли
Не сдаваясь бурям.
Спой о том, что ради нашей любви
Весь этот мир придуман.
Спой о том, что биться не устает
Сердце с сердцем рядом.
Лишь о том, что все пройдет
Вспоминать не надо…

… Sing about the ships sailing far away
Not surrendering to storms.
Sing that this whole world
Was invented just for our love.
Sing that two hearts side by side
Never get tired beating.
Only no need to remind us
That everything will pass …

In our opinion, the song can be listened to over and over… It deserves the solid second place in our list.

Enjoy the lyrics and translation here.

1. Chat With Happiness (Ivan Vasilievich Changes Profession)

“In the middle of silence, happiness suddenly knocked on the door…” This song, preceding the culmination moment of the favorite comedy of Russians “Ivan Vasilievich changes profession“, deserves to be the first in our list for its uplifting lyrics and perky melody in the Russian style that makes us want to dance along with the movie characters. 🙂

Lyrics are translation are here. Enjoy the video here.

Do you have your favorite Russian songs from the Soviet movies? Let us know in the comments!

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