Immersion in Russia – Learn Russian and discover the country (5% off with promocode)

Do you want to go to Russia, learn Russian language in an authentic atmosphere and make a bunch of new friends? You can do all these things with Immersion in Russia!

Immersion in Russia is a unique project based on the concept “Travel & Learn”. They offer a possibility to learn the Russian language while traveling across Russia and discovering its wonders.

Immersion in Russia – Learn Russian and discover the country (5% off with promocode)

Kamchatka, Baikal, Altai, Russian Caucasus, Volga… the list of destinations that can be visited with Immersion in Russia varies according to the season. They have decided to benefit from one of the longest track in the world – the Trans-Siberian railway.

The approach chosen by the team allows the traveler to dive into cultures and traditions, meet with locals, and take time to observe the evolution and diversity of landscapes while moving forward.

The project is developing in close cooperation with local Russian tourism agencies that help to find Russian host families, as well as with language schools in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, and other cities.

Where can you go with Immersion in Russia?

Live an incredible adventure in Kamchatka, climbing volcanoes and rafting down the rivers
Have an unforgettable adventure in the Far North Russian wilderness (with hunting northern lights, meeting with reindeers, swimming in the Arctic Ocean)
Learn Russian on the Trans Siberian Railway from Moscow to Vladivostok
Enjoy the journey of a lifetime on the Trans-Siberian railway to Baikal Lake on a small budget
Learn Russian and discover Moscow
Learn Russian and discover Saint-Petersburg
– Immerse yourself in Russian izba for 6 days or a weekend

And the most exciting news for our readers: with the promocode LEARNRUSSIAN101 you can get 5% discount on any trip you book with Immersion in Russia, moreover, you can use this promocode as many times as you want!

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