Learn Russian Online with a Certified Private Teacher

Do you desire to read the outstanding masterpieces of Russian literature, understand Russian films and series, and talk to your Russian friends on social networks in their language?

Of course, you can try to achieve such level of Russian by studying on your own, but it would be much faster and more efficient to find an online Russian language school with qualified teachers who can help your dream to come true.

Today, we would like to tell you about one of such schools – Private Russian Class.

Learn Russian Online with a Certified Private Teacher

Here is what they say about themselves on their site:

– There is an individual communicative approach to each student.

– All teachers are native speakers.

– All teachers are philologists with a pedagogical background.

– The study materials are up-to-date: course books, manuals, audio, video, online games, and escape rooms.

– The study guides won’t be boring because conversations, texts, and exercises are based on relevant information.

– All teachers can explain tricky grammar in English.

– Convenient schedule for you.

– Reasonable prices.

In that school, you can try any course you want depending on your goals:

– general Russian;
– survival Russian (for tourists);
– business Russian;
– TORFL (TRKI) preparation;
– Russian preparatory block (for those who wish to enter universities);
– correct pronunciation (through songs, tongue twisters, rhymes);
– Russian for kids (bilingual, heritage speakers, or absolute newbies).

Moreover, the school head teacher Lyudmila is a big fan of using game technologies in education not only with kids but also with adults.

We have also heard that Lyudmila is quite demanding to the teachers she hires. Having completed many different advanced teaching programs, written a handbook with games, obtained various international certificates, she wants her colleagues to be as qualified as she is. Therefore, Lyudmila organizes regular online training on teaching methods for her staff, provides them with the best modern educative materials, teaches them how to create online games, escape rooms, quizzes and use interactive boards and posters.

We could tell you more, but you would probably prefer to listen to those who has already studied in this school. Here you are, there are plenty of student testimonails here.

Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced Russian learner wishing to enhance your language skills and have some useful practice, why don’t you give a try to Private Russian Class and share with us your progress achieved with this school?

Good luck!

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