Learn Russian from the comfort of your home

These days, if you decided to learn Russian, you don’t even need to leave your house. Everything you might need can be found online – from online Russian lessons to dedicated apps. But what do you do if you prefer studying with a teacher? Enroll in an online Russian school! There are a few options available, and today we’ll tell you about one of them, called Russificate.

Learn Russian from the comfort of your home

Russificate is one of the leading online Russian language school with students from more than 45 countries. It’s founded by a Russian teacher with 14 years of experience of offline and online teaching, Yulia Amlinskaya.

All the tutors in the school are native Russian speakers with linguistic, philological or pedagogical training. All of them speak at least one second language, and many speak 2 and more. So you have all the chances to find a tutor that speaks your mother tongue.

Russificate offers a wide variety of Russian courses, from general and conversational courses to politics and diplomacy. They even offer a course about teaching Russian online. If the standard program does not fulfill your needs, a personalized Russian learning programs can be developed for you. Course combinations are also possible.

If you want to save some money and learn Russian together with your friends, you can do that with Russificate.

After passing each level of study you get a diploma that notes your name, the name of the course, and the number of hours completed.

The school and the learning materials developed by the school founder have received many different awards at different times. You can learn more about it on the school site.

The first lesson is considered to be a trial and is offered for free. How about give it a try now?

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