The most important Russian words you should know when visiting Russia

Wether you decided to spend your holidays in Russia or you are going there for a business trip, knowing a few Russian words might come very in handy.

The most important Russian words you should know when visiting Russia

Nowadays, many Russian people, especially young and living in the big cities, actually speak English. But if you go off the popular touristic routes or your destination is not Moscow or Saint-Petersburg, there is a big chance that people around you won’t be able to understand you.

Today we offer you a list of most common and useful Russian words that you can use in your trip to Russia:

Да – [da] – Yes

Нет – [nyet] – No

Спаси́бо. – [spa-SEE-ba] – Thank you.

Пожа́луйста. – [pa-ZHA-lus-ta] – Please / You’re welcome (as a response to thank you).

Извини́те. – [eez-vee-NEE-tye] – Excuse me.

Здра́вствуйте. – [ZDRA-stvuy-tye] – Hello.

Приве́т. – [pree-VYET] – Hi.

До́брое у́тро. – [DOB-ra-ye UT-ra] – Good morning.

До́брый день. – [DOB-riy dyen’] – Good afternoon.

До́брый ве́чер. – [DOB-riy VYE-cher] – Good evening.

До свида́ния. – [da svee-DA-nee-ya] – Goodbye.

Я не говорю́ по-ру́сски. – [ya nye ga-va-RYU pa-RUS-kee] – I don’t speak Russian.

Вы говори́те по-англи́йски? – [vi ga-va-REE-tye pa-ang-LEES-kee] – Do you speak English?

Я не понима́ю. – [ya nye pa-nee-MA-yu] – I don’t understand.

Где туале́т? – [gdye tu-a-LYET] – Where is the toilet?

Помоги́те, пожа́луйста. – [pa-ma-GEE-tye pa-ZHA-lus-ta] – Help me, please.

Осторо́жно! – [as-ta-ROZH-na] – Careful! Watch out!

Прия́тно познако́миться. – [pree-YAT-na pa-zna-KO-mee-tsa] – Nice to meet you.

Прия́тного аппети́та! – [pree-YAT-na-va a-pee-TEE-ta] – Bon appetit!

Pay attention to the stress or emphasis in each sentence, it is very important in the Russian language. For some words, incorrectly putting the stress can completely change the meaning of the word. Russians will understand you if you speak with an accent, but if you put the stress on a wrong syllable, it might considerably complicate the understanding.

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